Flushing Services Services


A comprehensive monitoring program & improvement solution targeted for all machinery lubrication & hydraulic system. The monitoring program is to establish periodical data trending for equipment with improvement solution executed to enhance the equipment efficiency and reliability.

  • Equipment Survey

    Perform a survey across the whole facility with the objective to classify all hydraulic and lubrication system operating in any particular facility into 3 categories, mainly critical, semi- critical and non-critical.

    The purpose of this activity is to establish a basic understanding of each system, current condition, operational history, location, environment & current filtration etc.

    Oil sample will be collected and screened on site during the survey to establish baseline data.

  • Monitoring Program - Onsite Screening

    Post equipment survey, IHL TEAM will propose a monitoring program for data trending. Critical system will be screened twice a month, semi-critical for once a month and non-critical for once in 3 months.

    Data trending will be for record keeping. Oil which indicate degradation will be collected and submitted for complete tribology analysis in ISO certified laboratory.

    IHL TEAM will propose solution and implement upon approval by client.

  • Equipment Screening

    Oil of each lubrication & hydraulic system will be screened for few important criteria such as kinematic viscosity, cleanliness level (ISO 4406), water content as well as TAN & TBN. These screening will be done at site without the need of sample collection and submission to a 3rd party laboratory.

    We will also perform an ISO 4407 procedure on site to determine microscopically the physical appearance of the contaminants.

    The result will be compared to each new oil specification as well as equipment OEM recommendation as guideline.

  • High Efficiency Filtration System

    If client facing issue related to oil cleanliness level, IHL TEAM shall deploy our high efficiency portable filtration and perform offline filtration until the cleanliness level reached the recommended operating limits.

    If the degradation related to high water content, it will be assessed further to determined whether we should be able to reduce water level with our portable oil purifier OR the oil shall be replaced.

    Removal of water will be very much dependent few criteria such as the type of oil, viscosity, rate of water ingression, oil demulsibility, whether water presence as free or emulsified form etc.

  • Permanent Offline Filtration System

    To design, fabricate and install a permanent offline filtration attached to the system reservoir. This permanent offline filtration will continuously clean the oil inside the reservoir without interfering the system operation.

    This offline filtration system, will not interfere or temper with equipment design and warranty. The system can be off/on without interfering the operation. As a simple benefit, pressure line filter and return filter supplied by the OEM would last longer. The selection of filter will be very much depending on the cleanliness requirement, either referring to OEM or based component typical clearances such as ball/journal bearing or servo/ proportional / direction valve.

  • System Cleaning and Flushing

    For critical system with big reservoir, oil change is an important exercise. A complete tank cleaning and flushing shall be done before the oil change.

    IHL TEAM able to provide reservoir cleaning as well as pipe flushing utilizing our variable speed high efficiency portable filtration system.