KINSAJASA is a predictive maintenance service provider, offering vibration analysis & Predictive Maintenance Programs including Vibration, Lube Oil, Thermography, Alignment, Balancing, Condition Performance Based Monitoring & Reliability Based Monitoring.

Our team of Specialists have vast experience with more than 6 years involving in Condition Based Monitoring Technology & predictive maintenance practices. Our Specialists provides the highest quality and best valued assessment of equipment condition using the most advanced predictive maintenance tools and techniques. This is done by combining Vibration Analysis with a Proactive Maintenance Mindset. We do not simply take readings, but dig deep to locate the corrective actions needed for the problem equipment found by the vibration readings.

Kinsajasa has also developed a team of specialists capable of providing condition monitoring and analysis of electrical equipment for both onshore and offshore facilities.

The routine services include:

  • Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) for motor and alternator identifying vibration source, bearing defect, windings integrity, stator and rotor bars condition, rotor eccentricity, etc.
  • Partial Discharge (PD) for insulation of cables, insulation of power transformer, insulation of motor and alternator identifying the material integrity.
  • Power Quality (PQ) for PF, frequency, voltage and current imbalance, variation and harmonics, measured at the main busbar of Main Switchboard, or individual load feeder.
  • Battery Impedance Test (BIT) for impedance between battery cell terminals and plates health check.

Additionally, Kinsajasa, with the support of our Principal partners, is also able to carry out advance analysis including the following:

  • Line Resonance Analysis LIRA® distinct condition monitoring for power cables via appliance of low voltage.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Diagnostics distinct condition monitoring for MV/HV equipment via measurement of the EMI emission resulting from partial discharge activity, hotspot, looseness, rotor and stator defects, etc.
  • Ultrasound (UT) for electrical partial discharge and rotating parts (e.g. bearing) monitoring.
  • Infrared Thermography (INT) for switchgear, transformer and cables bushing, termination, joints and connection looseness.