OilTechnics Fire Fighting Foam

Fire Fighting Foam

Oiltechnic is the manufacturer of Aberdeen Foam, offering a broad range of internationally accredited, high quality foam concentrates

  • AFFF Foam Concentrate
  • Airport Foam
  • Class A Foam
  • High Expansion Foam
  • Approval: UL162 , ICAO

OilTechnics Fire Fighting Foam

OilTechnics Fire Fighting Foam

OilTechnics Fire Fighting Foam

Industrial Degreaser

A range of effective degreasing and solvent chemicals designed and registered for use on industrial plants and offshore

  • No risk to Operator
  • No risk to environment
  • Quick break separation
  • Workshop, Component, Oil Process cleaning


  • SoboSGold08–OilPlatformRigwash (OCNS)
  • Sobo GR – Alkaline Aqueous Grease remover
  • Sobo Power – Alkaline Degreaser
  • OT8 – Biological Oil Stain remover
  • Other oil contamination solution

OilTechnics Industrial Degreaser