Services: Advanced engineering for vibration, stress, noise, fatigue, performance and other dynamic issues that affect the reliability and integrity of production facilities. BETA is a premiere consulting service in this specialized field, and their services are aimed at field troubleshooting, inspections and equipment/facility modifications or design.

  • For machinery systems, this can include the design and troubleshooting for pulsations, resonance, surge, noise and other risks. Advanced software simulation, analysis and specialized field investigations for compressors, pumps, fans and engines. This includes performance testing and analysis services.
  • For the plant piping system, vibration problems occur during steady state operations or during transient events. Vibration-induced fatigue failure in piping and structures will cause loss of containment (liquid and gas) and cause equipment problems – a severe integrity risk. This includes FIV, FIT, AIV, water hammer, noise and other piping dynamic issues. A Small Bore Piping inspection is a specific category of piping vibration and integrity.
  • Pipe stress analysis is included in BETA's solution set, and often required as part of the piping dynamic analysis.
  • For offshore facilities, the issue can involve structural resonance due to machinery loads. Specialized analysis is applied to identify and resolve structural dynamic issues.

BETA's capability includes a wide variety of technical experts, field engineers, multi-channel data acquisition systems, and proprietary software simulation tools.