ODM essentially replace the manual log sheets where data is currently logged manually with the latest technology of Handheld devices and ODM-Mobile-application. ODM-Mobile is a simple yet easy to use data collector software that improves data accuracy and efficiency in data gathering and analysis.

Collected data will then be incorporated into the ODM information platform where data is systematically managed and will be distributed. This will help user to fully utilize the data collected and speed up the process of tracking abnormal changes in the process data, which alerts user to make accurate and timely decisions.


  • ODM's Alarms Management System provides early detection of system fault according to the preset limits and priority. It intelligently prioritizes critical parameters and reduce complexity of alarm analysis. Abnormalities or pattern changes to operation can be easily traced and forecasted when set of accurate data are trended and correlated.
  • ODM Operating Statistics Module transforms the collected daily operational data into downtime key performance indicators (KPI). Examples of KPIs are availability rate, performance rate, quality rate, MTBF (mean time between failure), MTTA (mean time to assist), MTBA (mean time between assist), MTTR (mean time to repair).
  • Using the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the system detects under utilized machines by calculating the idle times and detects whether resources are being used efficiently.

ODM advanced software solution consists of software components that provide powerful features and functionalities for mobile data collection, synchronization, long term data storage, data manipulation and analysis. ODM platform centralized the data, share information and facilitate consistent and reliable decision-making functional departments.


  • Filed measurement points are systematically organized in a hierarchy format either with or without barcode referencing via user friendly ODM-Manager tag management tools.
  • Users security features enables data collected to be easily traced and referred.
  • ODM not only allows analog, binary or condition points (string) data, but also includes comments, voice messages, images and even sketched drawing to be easily recorded.
  • The predefined comments feature allows users record detailed observations of any abnormal events or conditions and manually trigger the alarm for further action.
  • The ODM-Synch enables bi-direction data transfer and synchronization capabilities. Users are able to upload required information into handheld terminal for analysis machine troubleshooting.
  • ODM-OPCServer-DA provides open data connectivity to any OPC Compliant clients. This enables seamless data integrity with other business enterprise system such as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and real-time historian.
  • ODM's open and non-proprietary SQL-database integrates seamlessly with Microsoft office software for custom analysis and reporting.
  • The ODM-WebManager web application allows multiple users access to ODM data information via the internet browser. It provides data visualization, trending, alarming, analysis tools and reporting. The powerful ODM alarm acknowledgement model alerts users of abnormalities and provides monitoring tools for sequence of event analysis.
  • The multiple trending and visualization tools enables users monitor and analyze various parameters at a glance. HTML report can be easily generated and published onto the internet. ODM data projection tool helps users in analysis of trends and patterns of recent past data. It provides good visualization and idea about the future revenues and problems of your plant assets. Various regression techniques, (e.g. least-squares polynomial, power law, exponential and logarithm) are available to provide accurate projection analysis.


  • Easy to use - Easy to design and modify data collection route. Easy to learn windows environment and barcode system.
  • Automate Paper Processes - Data accuracy approaches 100% and time-wasted in manyal works are eliminated through digitization and information management.
  • Exceed Regulatory Documentation Requirements - ODM database is specifically design for long term data archives and enable future reference. It helps user to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Bringing your Plant to the Office - The management will have better view and understanding of the additional data such as comments, voice messages, picture and sketches drawing. With the ODM field reports, messages from field personnel are easily convey to the management.
  • Dramatically improve Field Operations - Data in log sheets are transformed into reliable, easily accessible and meaningful information for various departments such as operations, maintenance, engineering and management. Users are alerted to the abnormal data trends that leads to accurate diagnostic and timely decisions making.
  • Boosting Worker Productivity - Saving valuable field worker time at site and better flow of information can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operators, engineers and managers. Bringing together the right information with the right people will dramatically improves a company's ability to develop and act on strategic business opportunities.
  • Total Flexibility - With its comprehensive field activity logging, extensive analysis and reporting capabilities, ODM can dramatically help to extend the functionality and life of the existing plant assets.

ODM-Mobile is a open and flexible software solution that support most of the hardware platform in the market according to user different requirements; from small size PDA to Tablet PC or Touch Screen Terminal; from standard business type PDA to rugged and intrinsically-safe industrial type; or from branded expensive PDA to cheaper but less popular units.

ODM-Mobile supports handheld devices that are running on Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 or Microsoft Windows CE 4.0 platform or hight. Barcode reader and camera are optional, but are strongly recommended.

Different picture format data that is not captured by ODM-Mobile can be attached to a particular tag and uploaded to the handheld for remote reference. This is very useful especially for in-situ troubleshooting work, where related information such as equipment historical data and images of infrared temperature profile can be easily accessed and studied.


ODM3 Process Overview


Proposed System Architecture