Angus Fire Protection System


Angus Fire Protection System

Angus Fire is a global leader in fire fighting technology with a long history of pioneering innovation. It occupies a unique world position in the development and manufacture of fire hose, foam concentrates and fire fighting equipment.

Angus Fire has a unique world position in the design and manufacture of industrial fire protection systems incorporating fire hose, foam concentrate, and fire fighting equipment.

The Company's traditions go back over two hundred years from the time when fire hose was made from riveted strips of leather to the present day when the Company uses the latest in advanced rubber and textile technology.

Angus Fire Protection System Angus Fire Protection System

The Company has customers in over one hundred countries spread over a wide range of sectors including major oil and petrochemical companies, international airports, military bases, power stations, harbours and ports, and municipal fire departments.

  • Angus Fire Engineering
  • Foam System
  • Foam Concentrates
  • Monitors
  • Waterspray System
  • Waterway Fittings
  • Deluge Valve Skids
  • Sprinkler System
  • Dry Chemical Systems
  • Foam Water Fittings
  • Fire Hose
  • Hose Station Cabinets
  • Portable/Wheeled Extinguishers
  • Detection, Alarm & Control System